It’s Ok To Feel Lonely

Lonely leaf left alone
Creative Commons License Dave Heuts via Compfight

God’s love isn’t enough for us.

It won’t fulfill us completely. We have a need that God doesn’t satisfy.

That might come as a surprise to most people. It might be the opposite of what we were taught.

So what is that need?


We were created to need people. We were made to know and be known, to love and be loved by other people.

And that’s not taking anything away from the greatness or power of God’s love. It’s just how God set the world up. In the Genesis poem, God was with Adam in the beginning, but he saw that it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. So he created Eve.

From the very beginning, God hasn’t been enough. And he’s ok with that. It has always been good for us to have other people in our lives.

God’s love is better than human love. But it’s not a replacement for it.

There’s a part of us that will feel lonely without God.

There’s also a part of us that will feel lonely without people, even if we have God.

We need both.

And even when we have both, sometimes we still feel lonely.

And that’s ok.

Needing other people is a basic human need, like needing food and water and shelter.

It’s ok to be hungry when you don’t have food, and it’s ok to be lonely when you don’t have people in our life.

We function best when we are in a community of people. We are at our most human when we are in relationship with one another. And when we lack those things, loneliness is the natural and perfectly human response.

So it’s ok to feel lonely. It just means you’re human.


  • Lauren Bernhagen

    This is good stuff.

    • Joshua Lancette

      Thanks Lauren. Glad you liked it :)