Stability Is The Friend Of Creativity

Moleskine a quadretti e grafite
Gilberto Taccari via Compfight

Stability is the friend of creativity.

Which might seem counterintuitive. I tend to think wind and adventures and excitement inspire creativity.

And maybe they do, to a certain extent.

But inspiration is worthless if it’s not joined by expression.

And creative expression requires time and space.

It requires intentionality and slowness.

If you’re going through a creative dry spell, you probably don’t need more inspiration. We have a whole life’s worth inside us already. You just need to do the hard work of digging inside yourself and expressing whatever you find.


  • Brian Hilst

    Merry Christmas Joshua!

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! You have great insights and share with such candor and vulnerability. God shines through our weaknesses. I have read all your posts and look forward to more. I hope this leads to a book someday. You have been given a gift. Thanks for sharing it!


    • Joshua Lancette

      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, Brian. I’m hoping to have an e-book out in early 2014 to give away on the blog. I’ll be giving it free to loyal readers like you!